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About Humanity Believers

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Who We Are

Humanity Believers is a registered (501(c)3) nonprofit devoted to making a difference today for a better tomorrow. We are determined to use our resources and expertise to complete our missions. These missions include helping to erase poverty, saving the environment, and providing people with primary resources.

About: Who We Are

Naman Satwah


A freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Naman Satwah is willing to do what's necessary to help others. Since a very young age, Naman has cared for his community through volunteering his time in a variety of nonprofits, including the Tarrant County Food Bank, Meals On Wheels, Mission Tomorrow, and Swim Across America. By dedicating a part of his life to his community, Naman has gained experience and knowledge on how to help others. His aim is to bring attention to the oasis of worldwide challenges, and bring these challenges to an end.

Nimit Satwah


Nimit Satwah is a junior at Keller High School. Alongside his brother, he Co-Founded Humanity Believers. Throughout his life, Nimit has always wanted to help people, and has done so by volunteering a lot of time and effort for good causes such as the Tarrant County Food Bank, Mission Tomorrow, and Community Storehouse. Nimit aspires to use his intelligence and resolve to leave the world better than he found it.

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Board Of Directors

John Ragland


Azeem Iqbal

Internal Audit Manager

Khawaja Haque

President of Hawks Food Management

About: Meet the Team

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