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Donating School Supplies to an Orphanage in India

     June 4, 2022

     Humanity Believers organized a donation drive at the Ashiana Orphanage in Haryana, India. Using donations gathered throughout prior months, we were able to put together school supply kits to donate to the orphanage. Each student received a kit which included pens, pencils, highlighters, geometry tools, markers, crayons, construction paper, journals, student files, and other items to facilitate their educational needs.

     Having visited relatives in India at a young age, Naman and Nimit Satwah, the Co-Presidents of Humanity Believers, have seen the disturbing amount of impoverishment that lines the streets of the country. This poverty affects not only adults, but also children all over India. Wanting to help support the education of these youth, they organized this donation drive, which supported all of the children at the orphanage.

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